New Plans for

Aside from the defunding problem PBS is about to face, they have another problem that’s actually a good one. PBS has many different programs producing excellent content and yet, they have no central place for online readers/viewers to access that content. It’s all spread out over various platforms and websites.

Now that seems like it’s going to change.

Under the PBS umbrella you’ll find news shows like PBS NewshourFrontline, and Nightly Business Report, among others, all producing content that lives primarily on air and on individual websites. While video clips and stories are pulled into, that site’s primary function is not to be a news source like, say, its cousin

With all that news and information swirling around PBS, though, it makes sense to have a sort of super aggregator, something to pull together the threads from various shows around news or topics. Think about it: What if on a broad story like the economic crisis, you could pull together a NewsHour interview with Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner on changes to borrowing policies for US banks along with a Frontline clip from “Breaking the Bank” on the merger of Bank of America and Merill Lynch? Of course what we’re talking about is not simply aggregation, but also curation — and actually, considering the hours of shows PBS has at its disposal, mega-curation.

Consider all of this and you’ll know where the team behind the PBS News Blog is coming from. It’s PBS’ effort to launch a new site that is both a news portal for readers and a new channel for PBS programming. The new site, which should launch soon, will be called The News Navigator.

It doesn’t appear this will happen anytime soon, but it’s exciting enough to put on the peripheral radar. I love their use of the term “mega-curation.”


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