Nokia’s N9

Even though Nokia’s been in the smartphone game for a while, at least in Europe, they’ve been playing catch-up for the past four years after the introduction of the iPhone and then especially once Google launched Android.

Their new phone, the N9, looks really promising. It’s nicely designed from a hardware perspective. The video uses an OS that is based off their Meego OS, which, as we know now is dead in the water. Nokia has agreed to partner up with Microsoft and use that company’s WP7 OS. No ship date or pricing announced, although the NYT reports it “will sell unsubsidized for the equivalent of about $670 to $760 for 16 and 64 gigabyte models.”

The swipe action of the N9 is really impressive. Hopefully, Nokia doesn’t lose that once they switch to Windows Phone 7 as their OS.

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