On the Amazon Tablet

A.T. Faust reads the writing on the wall and sums up nicely what I’ve been long seeing develop here — it’ll be Amazon challenging Apple if and when they roll out some kind of entertainment tablet.

Instead of attacking the tablet market with cutting-edge design and technical performance, Amazon is going to play the content game. And it’s this very content — and the company’s ability to deliver it — that sets Amazon apart from every other tablet seller. Amazon is indeed going to fix Android’s content problems, but only for it’s own devices. With it’s Cloud Drive data service and Cloud Player music locker (admittedly weak though it may be), Amazon does have some buzz-generating clout with its large user base. Coupled with Amazon Prime’s streaming options and premium, paid-membership platform, Bezos’ company has all the pieces to be a major player in this “post-PC era.” Assembling those pieces and parlaying that recognition into product identification with its new device will be key to Amazon’s tablet success.

Then again, it seems like Google — as a company — has finally gotten the message as they are scrambling to put their chess pieces on the board.

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