Online Content Deals: Netflix Teams Up with CBS, YouTube Pursuing Live Sports

1. Netflix has reached a non-exclusive deal to stream CBS’s library of shows for the next two years. “Medium, Flashpoint, the original Hawaii Five-0, Frasier, Cheers, Family Ties and The Andy Griffith Show. They’ll all be available to stream starting in April.” Also, Twin Peaks, Star Trek and Twilight Zone. Pretty sweet.

2. According to Bloomberg Businessweek, YouTube is in talks with the NBA and the NHL to broadcast live basketball and hockey games. This would be a great move for YouTube, sports fans and one of the final barriers to ridding the world of cable provider companies. The only reason to keep cable around is because of live sports. Sure, there are ways to get around that, illegally unfortunately. So, if YouTube can make this happen it would be huge. It would be great for MLB, as well, and I would even be willing to pay money to watch The Red Sox and Celtics stream live on YouTube. [via]

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