Raise Your Hand if You Didn’t See This Coming?

“If we’re going to be totally honest though, we’d describe Windows 8 right now as incoherent and contradictory. Touch response in the Metro UI is stellar, Contracts sound seriously useful, and snapping apps can make you more productive on a tablet, but whenever you want to get down and dirty with a traditional program, it’s back to the traditional desktop interface. There are two Control Panels, two versions of IE, and core apps are nowhere to be found (i.e. Mail, a camera app, etc.) Meanwhile, if you want to do anything with the desktop interface (save things you’ve actually planted on your desktop) you’ll probably find yourself thrown back to Metro since the traditional Start menu is gone. The whole user experience feels schizophrenic, with users having to jump back and forth between the two paradigms, each of which seem like they might be better off on their own.”

This is My Next takes Windows 8 developer build for a test run.

Still, it sounds like there’s enough promising features in Windows 8 if Microsoft wasn’t bone-headed to package it with their previous operating system. Sounds like they need to offer a consumer OS, based on the Metro UI and an enterprise OS based on their traditional windows offering.

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