Rolling Stone Magazine Opens a Restaurant

Honest question: If Rolling Stone Magazine opens a restaurant in Los Angeles, what kind of restaurant do you think it will be?

The Hard Rock Cafe has a new competitor in Rolling Stone. With a restaurant on the way and a new deal signed with IMG, the magazine plans to extend its licensing business into new categories, including electronics and gaming and fashion-based products that are inspired by the magazine’s rock ’n’ roll roots. During the past 40 years, Rolling Stone has published books and calendars, and licensing deals have been made for sunglasses, posters and T-shirts.

A spokesman said the Los Angeles-based restaurant, RSLA will open in a few months. The 10,500-square-foot space was designed by Gavin Brodin, who also worked on Crown Bar and The Abbey in West Hollywood. Executive chef Christopher Ennis, formerly of Fig & Olive, is planning an upscale menu, but it hasn’t been posted yet on the restaurant’s Web site.

My guess is it will be strictly MOR, catering to an early bird special audience, with terrible taste in culinary dishes.  Despite the magazine’s legacy, doesn’t every music lover secretly wish it would shrivel up and go away?

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