Scientists Confirm Hammocks Rule

Swiss researchers have really taken one for the team and figured out why sleeping in a hammock is one of life’s raddest pleasures.

Neuroscientists at the University of Geneva rigged up a bed so it would sway gently from side to side every four seconds, considerably slower than the pendulum on a cuckoo clock. “This rocking is very gentle, very smooth, oscillating every four seconds,” Sophie Schwartz, a professor of neurology who led the study, told Shots. “It’s not like rocking like you would see some mothers rocking their babies, it’s more gentle.”

A dozen adult research subjects napped on the bed for 45 minutes while scalp electrodes recorded brain activity. During one nap the bed swayed; for another, it was stationary.

The scientists weren’t too surprised to find that people fell asleep faster when the bed rocked. But they were surprised at the big difference that rocking made in brain activity.

Vital research only Switzerland could supply the world. Because their neutral. But on the flip side, could you imagine the fake outrage from Republicans that taxpayer money was going to fund studies determining why hammocks rule as they return to their palatial estates to drink Mai Thais in their hammocks made of golden straw.

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