Sorry for the Hiatus Folks

We’ve been enjoying an extended Labor Day weekend, camping with family and friends.

We think we’ll be back tomorrow, but absolutely on Thursday at the latest. Maybe tomorrow night if things go well. It’s been a nice week to recharge the batteries and find some focus.

As always, you should absolutely be reading Hypervocal for the vital and viral. They’re doing the lords work keeping you informed of what’s going on in the world and were nice enough to give me Tuesday and Wednesday off to make the mini-vacay possible.

Our pup, Sawyer, got his first taste of camping as you can see over to the right. He loves sticking his head out the window and bounding through the water. Seriously, it was incredible. Though I do think he is starting to give me a complex. If one more person says how dang cute he is I’m going to fully turn him into my Macauley Culkin and make some cash off him. Put him in a movie, sitcom or dog food commercial.

(And yes, it took me about 45 minutes to do this post given the lack of wifi and spotty 3g where we’re at.)

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