Super Bowl Flyover Cost Half a Million Dollars

Holy shit, where are the fiscally conservative members of our government to take the Navy to task for spending an obscene amount of money for a two-second flyover at the Super Bowl?

For absurdity, how about those four Navy F-18s flying over the stadium – with its retractable roof closed? Everybody inside could only see the planes on the stadium’s video screens. It was strictly a two-second beauty shot. Know what it cost taxpayers? I’ll tell you: $450,000. (The Navy justifies the expense by saying it’s good for recruiting.)

Is that what it really costs for a military flyover at sporting events?  Because, holy shit, what a waste of money.

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  • citizen b February 9, 2011, 8:32 pm

    Whether you support the concept of fly-bys at these events or not the money argument holds no water, Every squadron has a fuel allotment for training every quarter. The fuel burned and the hours on the aircraft as well as the time in the air for the pilots would have been utilized this quarter whether flying over Dallas, or Virginia Beach, or someplace else.
    Frankly. I was pretty impressed by the "on time, on target" demonstration by those naval aviators who were overhead at exactly the moment Ms. Aguilera hit her final (albeit substandard) note of the National Anthem. That ain't easy to do.
    And if the fly-by inspires a few bright young scholars to look into military service, so much the better.

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