The Daily: Indexed

News Corp’s new iPad-only newspaper/magazine, The Daily, launched to great fanfare.  The problem is most people can’t actually read any of their content, since you know, the whole iPad-only thing.

Enter, Andy Baio’s new project — The Daily: Indexed.  Basically, Baio is doing the work for The Daily for them by compiling each day’s articles into a handy location and linking to their web-based counterpart.  If The Daily was smart, they would buy the tumblr he set up and just incorporate it into their new project.

Oddly, Rupert Murdoch’s gang spent $30M on the new publication; they index their content for search engines, but don’t provide any indexing or access to the articles on their website.

It’s a bit daft, especially considering the publication offers free, web-based versions to every article for the purposes of sharing their content and generating buzz amongst other content providers. So in theory, if you cared enough (which you probably don’t), one could hunt down say, their article on the secret world of Amish milk smuggling. If they want their content to be shared and re-purposed with the larger internet outside of iPad-owners, why make it difficult to find that content?

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