The Multiple Flavors of The Sly Oyster

Thanks to a clever Calvin and Hobbes strip, social media, Andrew Sullivan and now John Gruber at Daring Fireball, we’ve seen a huge influx of new visitors to The Sly Oyster over the last couple of days.

This is great! We hope you like our little corner of the universe that is dedicated to bringing you the best culture, entertainment, liberal arts 2.0 and shenanigans  from around the web.

It’s been a bit unexpected, so of course, we haven’t had time to prepare with a round-up of our best/favorite posts over the years as a thing.

Instead, we’ll just mention we hope you come to the site but if that’s not your thing you can always follow us on Twitter, Facebook and what we like to think of as our B-sides on Tumblr — that’s lots of photos and stuff that we like and want to share, but there’s not enough for a full post here.

Thanks for stopping by, please let us know what you think or what we can do better and we hope to see you more often!

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