The New Boston Globe Website

It’s mighty impressive. The design is uncluttered and reader-friendly. It effortlessly scales based on the browser size, which means there is no need for an “iPhone” or “mobile” version. The site just flows. It may be the first newspaper website that has been designed for the reader and not to squeeze in a ton of cluttered adds or social media share buttons, etc. It’s like looking at a news site for adults.

It’s free for September, but after that, you’ll have to pay, unless you’re an existing subscriber:

For the rest of September, will be free, but after that readers will have to pay $3.99 a week for a digital-only subscription. Home delivery subscribers will not have to pay extra for the site but will need to register online to gain access.

The newspaper’s existing site,, will remain free and will offer breaking news, blogs, photo galleries, sports coverage, and a limited selection of stories from the paper.

This also marks the first time The Boston Globe and have become separate entities. I also only count three ads on any given page, which is something of a minor miracle. Excellent job all around.

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