The Onion Pushes for a Pulitzer

It’s about time too. From the New York Times:

Editors at the satirical newspaper have submitted their work for consideration by the Pulitzer Board, sometimes in categories they could conceivably qualify for, like commentary, and other times in categories that would be a stretch, like public service.

Saying the paper’s journalistic excellence should be overlooked no longer, The Onion is beginning a full-scale multimedia campaign to get a long-coveted Pulitzer. Readers, celebrities, world leaders and a nonprofit advocacy group called Americans for Fairness in Awarding Journalism Prizes are all contributing to the effort.

The occasion for the campaign is the paper’s 1,000th issue — or at least what the editors say they think is the 1,000th issue. They claim they do not really know. Or care.

The tumblr pushing for the campaign with all the videos is priceless. You’ve got everyone from Tom Hanks to the President of Georgia recording videos. Very clever. Very, very, clever.

How funny is that Tom Hanks video? When is this guy going to get back to doing slapstick comedy? If ever there was an actor that deserved to work with the Coen Brothers it would certainly be Tom Hanks.

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