The Setup

Peter Crooks, of San Francisco’s Diablo Magazine, on what he says was “the most interesting—and frightening—story in my 14 years of being a journalist.”

On September 9, I sat down with Chris Butler and several P.I. Moms at the offices of Butler and Associates. The offices were located in a warehouse building on Detroit Avenue in Concord, and the first things I noticed upon entering were the framed 8-by-10 photos of detective shows from the 1970s and ’80s, including Charlie’s Angels, Moonlighting, and Magnum, P.I.To my surprise, The Client, a woman in her early fifties, showed up at the meeting a few minutes after I arrived. She told me she had been in a relationship with The Subject for three years and that she needed to address her suspicions of his infidelity if she was going to spend the rest of her life with him.

“I just want to be sure, to know one way or the other, if something is going on,” said The Client, tearing up. One of the P.I. Moms, Charmagne Peters, jumped up with a box of tissues, and another, Denise Antoon, gave The Client a hug.

“That’s what we’re here for,” Chris Butler told The Client, in a cool, confident tone. “We’re here to observe his behavior and provide you with information. So if there is something going on, you’ll have all your ducks in a row.”

“I just need to be sure,” repeated The Client, crying into the tissue. She turned to me. “I’m just so glad they’re moms,” she said. “They understand what I’m dealing with. They really get it.”

Read the whole thing, it’s crazy!

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