Watching the Weather Channel or checking out the five-day forecast has always been a little weird to me. If you live in a place long enough, you get the general sense of how to dress during the seasons.  Plus, you can always look out the window.

But, this past blizzard has been something else to watch.  My fascination began when Lady Oyster mentioned something about ice tornadoes in the midwest, which then begot thundersnow, which is a name cool enough for the meteorological phenomenon.

Oh Jesus! Listen to that! Son of a … If Cantore ever decides to retire from the weather gig, it’s nice to know he’ll have a job waiting for him as a WWE announcer. Is that the Undertaker’s music?!?

And so, it was a particular treat to see Jim Cantore, a meteorologist for the Weather Channel geek the fuck out over thundersnow in Chicago.

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