Today at Hypervocal

I looked at Sharia Law through the lens of a Ukrainian teenager who was stoned to death for her participation in a beauty pageant; danced with glee at this Michael Jackson vs. Mr. Bean dance-off; continued to feel that people are awesome after Jed Mildon pulled off the first BMX triple backflip; laughed at Improv Everywhere’s mute button prank; suffered from a bit of party envy at the new blog Awesome People Hanging Out Together; wondered why Knopf Doubleday would give SCOTUS justice Sonia Sotomayor a $1.2 million advance for her memoir; examined the ramifications of Gen. Martin Dempsey becoming the new Joint Chiefs of Staff; awarded Adrian Brody serious hood points for his swag reading of Biggie Small’s “10 Crack Commandments”; got ourselves caught up to speed of Rep. Anthony Weiner’s cock-showing Twitter controversy; found great joy in a Danish Under-15 soccer team being treated like professionals; and finally, had the shit scared out of us by Australia’s water tornadoes.

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