Tumblr and Journalism

Tumblr is basically useful for reposting photos and other Internet junk. But, ShortFormBlog mashes up tumblr with WordPress to create a hybrid news publishing platform. And it looks incredible.

The audience reaction and feedback – mostly via Tumblr, but also other social media such as Twitter – is a key part of the site. Catching the eyes of readers with visual design and enticing them to engage with the content is what ShortFormBlog is all about. “I like to think of what we do as sort of a soft approach to more serious news,” remarked Smith. “It’s one that uses commentary as a tool, along with straight storytelling. A lot of what we do involves numbers, quotes, various types of blurbs, different sizes of photos and so on, anything to keep things interesting.”

Good stuff. For tech-type people the stuff about how they hacked up WordPress to run Tumblr inside it is pretty neat. The site’s content is tight, I’ll definitely be following these guys closely.

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