Two Vice Magazine Things for You Today

1. I knew the Vice Media Empire, which now includes the magazine, television show, record label and book publishing arm had sprouted from their humble underground beginnings. But what I didn’t realize is that the company is poised to become huge.

To undertake the kind of growth that Vice would like — adding to its news and sports divisions and building large-scale operations in emerging markets like China, India and Brazil — it needed more capital than it was generating on its own. The company has not disclosed the exact size of the investment from its new partners but has put the sum in the high eight figures.

2. Amazingly, Vice is doing some of the best journalism at the moment, so I’m happy for the company. Take for example the recent story of young men in northern Colombia, who often have their first sexual encounter with a donkey. They claim it better prepares them for having sex with a woman and some even claim that it makes their dicks bigger.

So there’s that.

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