Vanity Fair Meets The New Yorker

Tina Brown is shopping the newly overhauled Newsweek to advertisers and is describing it as “Vanity Fair meets The New Yorker.”

Among the changes Brown touted: longer stories (presumably to free up room for some of the feature writers Brown has lured into the fold); bigger pictures; more space for columnists in the front; a graphic-heavy culture section called Omnivore that will include a weekly books spread; and a section called NewsBeast that will incorporate content from Newsweek’s online sister operation. Staffers present at the preview event noted that some of the changes have slowly been creeping their way into recent Newsweek issues.

Sounds great, right? Except, as AdWeek kindly points out, “one is a monthly glossy filled with celebrity and culture news, the other a highbrow literary magazine that’s not especially known for its commercial success. Neither has made much headway on the Web.”

The new Newsweek probably doesn’t have to make too much headway on the web, since that’s what The Daily Beast is presumably for, but it’s curious that Ms. Brown picks two hefty monthly magazines as inspiration for her weekly. She would be better taking a page out of The Week.

Another person described the new look at New York Magazine meets GQ. The better question is, doesn’t anybody care?

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