Workflow of the Future

This will only be of interest to journalists. The Bangor Daily News has overhauled their newsroom so that both the website and physical paper are produced uses WordPress, Google Docs and then InDesign. Essentially, William Davis helped transition the newspaper into one unified content management system.

A truly web-first workflow

  1. Reporters and editors compose all stories in Google Docs. Using labels and native commenting, the stories get sent through the editing process.
  2. When a story is ready to publish, it gets sent from Google Docs to WordPress with one click.
  3. In WordPress, editors can publish the story to the web, then set up a print headline and print subhead.
  4. The story then appears in inDesign, where print designers can lay out the print newspaper.

“WordPress drives both our website and our print edition — you can’t put an article into the print edition of the paper unless it’s been put into WordPress,” Davis, the online editor of The Bangor Daily News, said.

Incredible. More small-to-mid-sized newspapers should consider implementing this technology and workflow solution.

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