YouTube Gets a Redesign Too

As part of Google unifying its various services into a cohesive look as part of their larger Google+ strategy, the search giant is about to unveil a new look for YouTube.

Gone is that white background underneath the video player, replaced by a less-distracting dark gray backdrop. At the bottom of that frame are four new icons that let you conveniently change the video frame size. There are new page designs and improved editing tools to customize channels. Best of all, when you’re using Google Chrome, you can keep one video playing while you’re looking for others, switching between channels or playlists.

Another improvement is the ability to choose whether you see comments or not, with buttons allowing you to dismiss comments and fill the page below the video player with suggested videos that are each end larger frames. In addition, Cosmic Panda makes it easier to edit a channel template, giving users a choice of layouts for creators, bloggers, networks and a general-use template Google calls “everything.”

The new look is nice. Actually really nice. The ability to turn off comments is definitely welcome. To take this experiment for a test drive go to and click “Try it out!” [via YouTube Blog]

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