A Home at the End of Google Earth

When Saroo Munshi Khan was just five-years-old, he became separated from his brother at a train station in Burhanpur. He boarded a train and ended up lost in the slums of Calcutta without a tether to his family because he didn’t know the name of the town he was from.

He would be tossed into a horrific juvenile facility until one day a couple from Hobart, Tasmania adopted him. 24 years later he was able to use his hazy memories from childhood and Google Earth to track down his birth home in India.

Saroo reunited with his birth family, then sent this text to his parents: “The questions I wanted answered have been answered. There are no more dead ends. My family is true and genuine, as we are in Australia She has thanked you, mum and dad, for bringing me up. My brother and sister and mum understand fully that you and dad are my family, and they don’t want to intervene in any way. They are happy just knowing that I’m alive, and that’s all they want. I hope you know that you guys are first with me, which will never change. Love you.”

Pretty astounding story.

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