A Pinterest Counterpoint

Choire makes a great point: “One of the problems with this innovative and cool approach by the Wall Street Journal to writing about Pinterest by writing about Pinterest on Pinterest (and it is!) is that there you can’t address that, more than early Napster, more than Megaupload, more than any government-seized hip-hop blog, Pinterest is entirely copyright-infringement. It’s just that, unlike with music and movies, there’s no dumb and hostile industry lobby that represents, say, “every photographer everywhere.” If there was ever a place on the Internet that made you think SOPA was a good idea, it’d be right here!”

I still like Pinterest, despite not being a woman planning my marriage. Also, it’s not entirely copyright infringement given that every photo links to the photo’s source. It’s a weird gray area that’s probably more “wrong” than “okay” but that train has left the station and the notion of whether it’s right or wrong on the copyright front is probably meaningless.

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