BuzzFeed Launches New Technology Site ‘FWD’

BuzzFeed has finally launched their technology site edited and overseen by Matt Buchanan. It’ll be called FWD. So, what’s it all about?

If technology is culture, why don’t we start talking about it that way? The way we talk about films and music and art and just straight up pop culture: With the understanding that sometimes it’s really funny, sometimes it’s deadly serious, and sometimes it’s stupid nerdy, but it’s always a part of the way we live.

FWD is a way to share things. To pass them on. To nudge the conversation about technology in a different direction–maybe not the next level, exactly, but at least a different one. It’s fundamentally social, which is simply the way more and more of the web works now. Social is the web’s new reality.

I don’t really have an opinion on the site yet, however, any technology site that is aiming to be more than gadget porn automatically has my attention and admiration.

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