Charlie LeDuff Golfs Across The City Of Detroit

Charlie Leduff is a Detroit-based journalist, probably best known for his 2011 article Mother Jones about the death of Aiyana Mo’nay Stanley-Jones. His latest piece on Detroit is a bit lighter, but still worthy of your time. LeDuff golfed his way across Detroit, setting up a single, 18-mile long golf hole.

t’s a par 3,168, 18-mile, single hole course. The 46-year-old Pulitzer Prize winning writer carries only four clubs in his bag while facing extraordinary hazards that took years to form. He strokes his way through grassy fields, abandoned houses and crumbling landmarks. The half-way houses on this course are real. On the loop, Charlie interacts with the gallery, capturing the spirit of the people of Detroit. No Mulligans here, you play it as it lies.

No word of if he had to battle zombies along the way, but turning the city into a golf course could be another fine effort to resuscitate Detroit. [via uproxx]

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