File Sharing Through Facebook Just Got Real

Pipe is a German company and they are about to release a peer-to-peer file sharing app within Facebook. Users can send files up to 1GB in size to another friend.

Facebook is most importantly the friends list Pipe needs to get started. The team made a “tactical decision” to build on the enormous, pre-established network Facebook has created so users don’t have to sign up for yet another service. Hossell points out that most people also naturally gravitate towards services where you’re communicating with credible identities. Using Pipe, you’re not only transferring a file to somebody you’re friends with, but you’re transferring the file to somebody who’s currently online. Sharing files asynchronously using apps like YouSendIt has its benefits, but there are a few big drawbacks most people haven’t thought about. First, there’s a risk that the sharing link you’ve sent somebody gets misplaced and used by strangers. Additionally, managing files you’ve uploaded to the cloud can be a pain since there are generally size limits on uploads and account storage capacities. Lastly, these apps typically throttle upload and download speeds since you are using their servers.

This could be a potential nightmare for IT and business. Great for consumers, but holy hell.

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