Fixing FeedBurner

For any publisher with an RSS feed, Google’s FeedBurner is a necessary evil. Google hasn’t done anything to improve the service since acquiring it in 2007, nor do they seem all that interested in doing so. Which is a real shame. At the same time, there really isn’t a viable alternative out there.

Jim Dalrymple lays down the gauntlet:

Google has made it clear they don’t really care about adding features or even making FeedBurner work properly. Often times FeedBurner stats are empty because it didn’t track anything that day.

That’s not acceptable. You can’t offer tools for publishers and just let them languish. Google offered real-time stats in FeedBurner for a short time, but then turned them off with no explanation.

If Google has no interest in FeedBurner, they should sell it to someone who does. At least give the millions of publishers that want to use the service the opportunity to get the most out of it.

What Google is doing with FeedBurner is a disservice to the publishing community.

I’m a bit surprised Google hasn’t done more to fold FeedBurner into Analytics or its Webmaster Tools. Seems logical, but what do I know, except that I agree with Dalrymple 100%.

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