Four Semi-Related Mobile Phone Stories of Doom

Amazingly, these stories are also for four different mobile phone companies.

1. RIM, beleaguered makers of the BlackBerry, has hired a law firm for restructuring purposes.

2. In the last quarter, the iPhone accounted for 78% of all smartphone sales at AT&T and at Verizon, the iPhone accounted for slightly more than half of all sales. Still, somehow Business Insider paints this as a negative for Apple.

3. Jay Yarow lays out the case that Google’s Android mobile OS will be in trouble come 2012 for all the reasons tech people are already aware of: fragmentation, lack of developer interest, poor tablet sales, and potential for Android forking — like what happened with the Kindle Fire.

4. Finally, there’s Microsoft’s Windows Phone, which according to Dan Frommer, is also in trouble. He does reason that Microsoft could use Windows 8 and the Xbox as beachheads into a better share of the mobile OS market.

TL;DR: every mobile OS is doomed to fail in 2012. Or something like that.

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