Google Takes Street View to the Grand Canyon

On the heels of putting Street View into its data centers, Google is hitting the trails of the iconic Grand Canyon. Since a car can’t fit down those trails and because a mule would be too cliched, Google rigged up a backpack-mounted camera.

“Any of these sort of iconic, cultural, historical locations that are not accessible by road is where we want to go,” Ryan Falor, product manager at Google, told the AP. I’m pretty sure having to be the guy hiking with that 40-pound camera strapped to their back is probably one of the top five best-worst jobs in America.

I should also point out that the Grand Canyon is so ridiculously spectacular that it deserves to be seen with your own eyes. Don’t wait for the Street View version. The Grand Canyon is actually underrated, if you can believe that. Even with huge expectations for its beauty, the iconic landmark was even more amazing than I expected it to be.

There’s no indication when the Grand Canyon Street View effort will be complete or viewable on Google Maps.

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