Huffington Post Set to Launch Television Channel

From Forbes: “AOL’s Huffington Post Media Group is preparing to launch a live over-the-internet video channel modeled on the 24-hour cable news networks. The project hasn’t been announced yet, but Huffington and AOL chairman Tim Armstrong have been dropping hints about it in their public remarks, which haven’t gone unnoticed. It will be called the Huffington Post Streaming Network, or HPSN.”

Apparently, the Wall Street Journal and New York Times are both doing something similar to this already — offering a combination of analysis, breaking news and a peak behind the news gathering curtain. I’m a bit disappointed that Gawker Media hasn’t already done this. Now that is a YouTube channel I would watch.

Thinking about the bigger picture, however, it seems once television does migrate to a web-delivery model instead of a cable delivery model, channels will be replaced by apps. If the major players understood this, they would already be rolling out apps built around this premise to begin testing them before reality hits.

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