Links: 20 Places to See Before Dying and More

Time to clear out some tabs. Let’s see what we’ve got.

1. Buzzfeed has a list of 20 places everyone must see before they die. I’ve seen two. Would love to make it at least half the places mentioned. It makes me wonder why I wasn’t born independently wealthy so I could just travel around the world.

2. Let’s check in with the new editor of Gawker on how things have been going. I’d say pretty darn great. I’m loving the A.J. Daulerio era.

3. Even beloved children’s books have gotten the minimalist poster treatment. Is it time to suggest the minimalist poster trend has run amuck? Slacktory certainly thinks so. With that said, many of the posters are quite lovely.

4. Are you ready for the bro version of Pinterest? Yup, let the Wall Street Journal introduce you to, and others.

5. Prosthetics Breakthrough Might Fuse Nerves With Fake Limbs, according to this fascinating story in Wired.

The body’s own nerves are arguably the biggest barrier towards turning the dream of lifelike replacements into a reality. Peripheral nerves, severed by amputation, can no longer transmit or receive any of the myriad sensory signals we rely on every day. Trying to fuse them with robot limbs, to create a direct neural-prosthetic interface, is no easy task.

But now a team of scientists believe they’ve overcome that massive barrier. Their research is still in the early stages. But if successful, it’d yield artificial arms and legs that can move with agility; discern hot from lukewarm from freezing; and restore even the subtlest sensations of touch.

6. Awesome! Google is now displaying concert tour dates when you search for a particular band. Very nice.

7. Here’s the very first appearance of Cookie Monster.

8. BTW, The Genetics of Luck. It wasn’t as nearly interesting as I was hoping it would be.

For example, the sperm that actually was involved in your conception is only one in 100 million, in addition to the fact that there is a non-trivial probability that that specific “round” of insemination was unsuccessful. So any human that already exists has overcome some astronomical odds. And this isn’t even including the counterfactuals: everything from the chance encounter that led to your parents meeting to the ricocheting bullet that prevented your grandfather from dying during World War II prior to meeting your grandmother. These counterfactuals can ramify so rapidly that existence as we know it becomes so statistically unlikely that the numbers enter the realm of statistical mechanics.

9. I love ‘The City of Samba,’ a tilt-shift video of the 2011 Carnival parade in Rio de Janeiro. Via Colossal, of course.

10. Corporate Logos as Glassy, Dripping Lollipops

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