Microsoft Searching for Answers to Questions They Don’t Know

For those that follow both politics and technology, it seems somehow fitting that Microsoft has hired pollster Mark Penn to lead its advertising and marketing charge against Google, as if that’s going to solve the problem for why nobody wants to use any Microsoft products.

Penn came up with the “scroogled” campaign and Bing It On, the Bing vs. Google search challenge (neither strike me as particularly effective, btw), but those efforts aren’t going to reverse the very real problem that people people want simplicity, reliability, and ease of use from their computing environments.

Microsoft just delivered the exact opposite in Windows 8, unlike what Apple and Google continue to roll out. I do like Windows Phone and think that OS could also work on a tablet, but I don’t want Windows Phone smushed on top of Windows 7 as my laptop/desktop OS. If Microsoft thinks hiring Mark Penn is the answer to its woes, then the company is in my danger than I suspect.

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