MSNBC is Now

Microsoft sold its stake in MSNBC to Comcast: “Today we’re taking on a new name — While our name is changing, our commitment is not. In fact, in the weeks and months ahead, we’ll be bringing you more of what you love today, and will stay true to its mandate of delivering the news you need with the innovative spirit you’ve come to expect across all of our digital platforms. Over the years, we’ve won dozens of awards for our digital coverage, but the real reward has been serving you, our audience.”

Oddly enough, the cable channel will still be MSNBC, which is just dumb. NBC and Comcast should re-brand entirely to NBC News. will eventually become the URL of the cable channel. Anyway, Microsoft will continue to run, its news site, which should be exciting. The best part of MSNBC was always its website, so you should expect the same sort of innovated approach to MSN that occurred with MSNBC.

Shortformblog has a great slideshow on the history of the cable channel. Anyway, this news probably appeals to five people, but it feels like a good move for both Microsoft and NBC.

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