Nokia Has a 41-Megapixel Camera Phone

Nokia has been working on a new camera phone system for the last five years. I’m still not sure how well it will take pictures, despite being a 41-megapixel camera.

One of the key advantages is it lets you zoom in three or four times in either photos or video and still have a sharp image. The picture of the camera, here, for example, is taken from the same wide shot of the camera and its sensors. In videos, the technology allows one to zoom in close while still maintaining an HD resolution.

Another plus is that the camera uses so called “oversampling” to shrink the image while still making use of the information in the large number of pixels. Nokia said it can create a better 5-megapixel image by using the data in the seven extra pixels to inform which single pixel it uses.

Look, Apple has proven that more megapixels doesn’t necessarily equate with a better camera phone picture and so this means little until Nokia demonstrates what this technology can do for consumers. That said, it’ll be great to one day be at a place where camera phones are taking crisp low-light shots or incredibly sharp images.

Also, it’s worth noting that this technology is only available on Nokia phones running the Symbian OS and not for Nokia’s Windows Phone 7 efforts. Basically, until this camera is available on a Nokia WP7 phone, it’s kind of pointless.

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