“Our Blades Are F*cking Great,” Claims Dollar Shave Club

Dollar Shave Club just launched and the company’s first viral video commercial is filled with so many hilarious lines it makes me want to sign up. Actually, forget that. What makes me really want to sign up isn’t its clever ad, but how truthful their stance on razor blades is. Sure, like Jon Stewart that truth comes with a healthy dose of humor, but you can’t deny how reasonably priced it appears to be.

For $1 a month, Dollar Shave Club will send out five dual-blade razor cartridges. For $6 a month, you can get four four-blade razor cartridges. And for $9 a month you get the “executive package” which offers three six-blade cartridges, as well as “Aloe, Vitamin E, and Lavender Lubricating Strip moisturizes and calms sensitive skin.”

Dollar Shave Club throws in the handle for free.

The shaving industry in America is just as reprehensible and over-priced as the cable industry. I once bought razors from a guy driving one of those lunch trucks simply because he was selling (probably?) stolen four razor cartridge packs for like $5.

My handsome-ass grandfather would definitely approve of this marketing technique. Be warned, the site’s been down all day from the unexpected surge in traffic, probably from men who are sick of being taken advantage of when it comes to shaving.

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