Wikipedia has gone dark, and along with that site, plenty of others  are standing in solidarity today to oppose the SOPA/PIPA bills making their way through Congress (BoingBoing, GoogleReddit, and thousands of others).

Count us as one of them.

The bills threaten the very nature of the Internet we all know and love and are nothing but misguided attempts by the entertainment/media industries to curb piracy. If the bills pass, however, into law, it’s censorship of the Internet the likes which would take years to undo.

From the Daily What:

Make no mistake: SOPA has not been shelved. And a vote on PIPA is just around the corner. Luckily, hundreds of companies, charities, and notable individuals with strong moral character have joined forces to stop these dangerous Big Brother bills from moving forward.

The fight is far from over, but hopefully today’s blackout will help bring this important matter to the attention of folks who rely on the Internet for entertainment and education, but have so far remained oblivious to SOPA and PIPA and their harmful consequences.

Do your part. Take action. Stop SOPA and PIPA and put an end to threat of Internet censorship.

“If you don’t want it either, visit for instructions on contacting your Senator. The Electronic Frontier Foundation has more information on this and other issues central to your freedom online,” writes the team over at BoingBoing.

We obviously have very little clout in the grand scheme of things, but it wouldn’t be right for us to not stand in solidarity with these other companies to let our stern opposition be known. This will be the last and only post for The Sly Oyster on Wednesday, January 18th.

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