Starbucks and Square Sitting in a Tree, K-I-S-S-I-N-G

From Shortformblog: “In what may prove to be a pivotal breakthrough for the mobile payments space, Square has signed up Starbucks for its platform, a deal that will allow you to use Square to pay for your mocha, yes, but will also make Square the processor of credit and debit card transactions for the coffee shop chain, a move that will significantly expand the Jack Dorsey-backed company’s scale.”

This is an interesting move for Starbucks, which continues to be one of the more fascinating large corporations in America. The concept of Square is great. I used it several times when taking taxis in San Francisco. You can turn an iPhone, Android or iPad into a credit card machine and have the receipt emailed to you instantly. You can also pay at point-of-sales by using your voice.

Is it secure? I don’t know, but like Amazon, Dropbox, and Apple have recently discovered, security counts for everything in our digital lives. A company’s reputation and bottom line depend on it.

The New York Times has more.

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