Talking About Things That Matter

“Long before we fetishized the funding news releases and Apple rumors, this is what blogging is supposed to be — a public debate and discussion. Can we all promise that in next year we will talk more about things that matter, more often, more vocally.” — Om Malik, throwing down the gauntlet for all writers in 2013.

Interestingly enough, both the Instagram fiasco and the shooting in Connecticut seemed to have re-energized bloggers and writers in a way that has been significantly missing from most content production in 2012 — like popular blogs writing about people arguing over insignificant things on Twitter like it’s a story worth telling.

It’s not. And neither are most posts that are nothing more than lists of things.

There was a sense of urgency from many in the tech community and in culture at large to not just pass links and create pageview/link bait related to Instagram changing its TOS or the school shooting, but to dig into the meat and potatoes of those stories as well — to scratch at the issues under the skin of both.

It was refreshing, and as Malik suggests, a trend that needs to continue in 2013 and beyond.

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