Teachers Paying Teachers for Teaching Materials

Teachers Pay Teachers is a relatively new startup where k-12 teachers publish their lesson plans and can sell them to other teachers for however much they want. Typically, lesson plans are given away for free, but some teachers do sell theirs for $5-$10 per plan.

According to Mashable, the site has about 700,000 registered users, with about 10,000 that are actively selling their lesson plans. The site says that of those 10,000 teachers selling lesson plans, roughly 6,000 of them are making any sort of money.

Paul Edelman, the founder of Teachers Pay Teachers, created the site after a four-year stint as a New York City public school teacher. He probably realized there was more money in setting up a website for teachers than there was in actually being a teacher.

I actually love this idea. I’m sure there are plenty of lazy teachers out there that would rather just buy a lesson plan or two for $10 than spend the time coming up with one on their own. And teachers don’t get paid all that much anyway, so why not let the most enterprising of the bunch earn some extra scratch on the side?

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