Tenth Grade Tech Trends

Josh Miller, who founded Branch (a service I love, btw), talked with his younger sister to find out what technology young kids are using.

The main takeaway is that Instagram is huge, SnapChat is huge, Facebook is a dreaded timesuck with an image problem, Tumblr is seen as a tool used by middle schoolers, Twitter is non-existent among this population, and places to discover links — reddit, BuzzFeed, et al. — are barely a blip on the radar. Oh! And his sister can barely remember her Gmail password because she hardly ever uses email. It’s practically a non-existent service for her.

These tech companies should start surveying kids in high school to build those next generation products because I get the sense that these massively popular services won’t survive once these high school kids come of age.

Protip: The next big thing would be if someone built a free FaceTime app because kids don’t want to spend money on text messages or cellphone minutes. It’s all about communication through data.

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