The Fall of Hipstamatic

Austin Carr had me from the get-go with his profile of Hipstamatic, which was basically Instagram before Instagram became INSTAGRAM.

If Lucas Buick’s company Hipstamatic is on the verge of bankruptcy, you couldn’t tell by the dinner spread. It’s mid-September and we’re at the Isola restaurant in the Mondrian Soho, an expensive hotel-cum-lounge where you’re never quite sure you’re wearing the right style of Warby Parkers. Under the airy space’s glass ceiling and sparkling chandeliers, Buick and “director of fun” Mario Estrada knock back espresso martinis and old-fashioneds, while digging into tuna and pine nut crudos and fennel sausage pizza with herbed ricotta–delicious fare just begging to be photographed, filtered, and shared with friends.

“This is it. We’re clearly falling apart,” says Buick, laughing. “If this is the last supper, then I wish we had a bigger table.”

Hipstamatic is basically the Myspace to Instagram’s Facebook. Great read by Carr.

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