The Internet Underbelly in a Sarah Phillips Nutshell

From Awful Announcing:

1) Sarah Phillips was fired from ESPN for her questionable behavior and being at the center of several internet scams and questionable dealings. She, and possibly multiple people on her behalf are involved.

2) One of those questionable dealings involved a hugely popular fake Willy Wonka Twitter page, which itself was part of a larger empire of parody accounts on Twitter.

3) The Wonka page appears to have come into Phillips’ possession on April 29th and was reclaimed by @9, @GirlsGoneKyle, and @NotBranden on May 2nd.

4) Most all of the major parody accounts on Twitter are somehow related to one another.

5) The mystery of Sarah Phillips is just starting to unravel.

So, an ESPN writer was fired for some kind of scam involving parody Twitter accounts. Guess that’s what happens when ESPN hires a commenter from a gambling board to write columns. The entire saga is pretty bonkers to sort out, as you can well imagine.

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