The Keys to Your Digital Kingdom are Under Assault

Yet another reminder as our lives shift entirely to on-line SaaS apps, that secure password management is a must:

As the Gawker breach demonstrated, such password reuse, combined with the frequent use of e-mail addresses as user names, means that once hackers have plucked login credentials from one site, they often have the means to compromise dozens of other accounts, too.

Newer hardware and modern techniques have also helped to contribute to the rise in password cracking. Now used increasingly for computing, graphics processors allow password-cracking programs to work thousands of times faster than they did just a decade ago on similarly priced PCs that used traditional CPUs alone. A PC running a single AMD Radeon HD7970 GPU, for instance, can try on average an astounding 8.2 billion password combinations each second, depending on the algorithm used to scramble them. Only a decade ago, such speeds were possible only when using pricey supercomputers.

8.2 billion password combinations each second. Chew on that for a moment. Best advice I can give is to use a password manager that can generate and store secure passwords and make sure at the very least your passwords for important things like banking, photos, whatever, are separate and unique from other sites.

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