The Latest Unnecessarily Terrifying Robot

ECCEROBOT is an anthropomimetic robot, built with artificial bones, muscles, and tendons to move the way humans do. It’s both exhilarating to think this is how far robots have come and terrifying when you look at the robot’s face and see that giant, singularly soulless eye starring at you.

It’s obviously going to be a long while before there are helper robots out in the wild, but combine this with the advances in AI and it seems like it’s not too far off from an era when robots will be fighting our wars for us. Wait, that’s not a good thing, though. Let’s just put this back in the closet. Call me when our robots are more like Rosie from The Jetsons. I want a robot that can open her belly and give me a full stack of flapjack, mkay? [via toplessrobot]

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