“The Most Complex Mass of Protoplasm on Earth”

What you are looking at above is the mapped long-distance network of the Macaque monkey brain. Daily Galaxy on the significance of this:

Modha and Raghavendra Singh (IBM Research-India) also found that the brain network does not appear to be “scale-free” like the web’s social networks, which are logical and can grow without constraints, but seems to be ”exponential,” like air traffic networks, which are physical and must satisfy resource constraints. “This finding will help us design the routing architecture for a network of cognitive computing chips,” they suggest.

“The network opens the door to the application of large-scale network-theoretic analysis that has been so successful in understanding the Internet, metabolic networks, protein interaction networks, various social networks, and in searching the world-wide web,” they added. “The network will be an indispensable foundation for clinical, systems, cognitive, and computational neurosciences as well as cognitive computing.”

Sounds like things are about to get interesting at the intersection of computer and biological networking.

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