Time for Postal Reform

The Washington Post points out the somewhat obvious dire situation: “First-class mail, the source of half of USPS’s revenue, has declined from 104 billion pieces per year to 74 billion pieces over the last decade. Estimates are that volume will shrink by 34 billion more pieces by 2020. Meanwhile, the postal service calculates that almost half of its 461 mail-processing facilities are redundant. The USPS’s $25 billion in losses over the last five fiscal years have left it within $2 billion of exhausting its $15 billion line of credit with the U.S. Treasury, which is the only thing standing between the postal service and total collapse.”

Based on every way you measure it, the federal government needs to cut the shit and drastically restructure the USPS sooner rather than later. It’s time to rip off the band-aid.

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