Time to Embrace Robots

“The bottom line is, let’s stop fearing robots and start getting excited about them. When they’re finally running the world, everything will be better—including my ratings. Because Robot Me will be funnier than I am, he’ll look thinner in a suit, and he’ll be better at interviewing guests. I can’t wait to meet him.” — Jimmy Fallon, writing the introduction to Wired’s January cover story on how robots will eventually replace humans.

Above: A 60 Minutes report on the incredible advancements of robotic prosthetics.

Also: Cory Doctorow goes in-depth on several recent robotic-themed articles:

But here’s the thing that neither of these articles — or even Bruce’s acid observations — touches on: once technology creates abundance, what possibilities exist for distributing the fruits of that abundance such that the benefits are more evenly felt? We’ve been talking about an increase in productivity producing an increase in leisure for a long time, but instead, the “winner take all” world of Brynjolfsson and McAfee often seems to produce a “winner” class that works itself into an early grave by running 100-hour work weeks at astounding payscales, and a much larger “loser” class that works itself into an early grave by working 100-hour weeks in shitty, marginal, grey-economy jobs, trying to stitch together something like an income.

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