Turner Networks Acquires The Bleacher Report for $180 Million

Here’s the part of the deal that stood out:

Bleacher Report’s editorial content is generated by 6,000 mostly unpaid contributors who churn out more than 1,000 articles a day.

My guess is they won’t see any of that money, even as a thank you. Most people in the media world assume the Bleacher Report staff will help beef up existing sports properties managed by Turner.

Bleacher Report will be used in tandem with other sports sites, like nba.com, ncaa.com and pga.com, that Turner manages.

“Think of the coverage that Bleacher Report does for the N.C.A.A. tournament,” Mr. Levy said. “There are 68 teams and when something dramatic happens, it can not only send out alerts that Syracuse won on a game-winning shot, it can also send out clips.”

Turner will also use its sportscasters, like Charles Barkley and Cal Ripken, to help Bleacher Report.

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