Twitter Adding Instagram-Like Photo Filters

Nick Bilton got the scoop: “In the coming months, Twitter plans to update its mobile applications to introduce filters for photos that will allow people to share altered images on Twitter and bypass Instagram, the popular mobile-centric photo-sharing network, according to people who work at the company but asked not to be named as they are not allowed to discuss unannounced projects.”

John Gruber perfectly nails how pointless this feature is for the service: “I think what bothers me about this is the focus on filters. If Twitter wanted to make it easier to post photos as tweets, and improve the presentation of inline photos in your tweet stream, that I could see. But adding filters to the Twitter mobile apps seems like a complete distraction, a sign that they’ve been afflicted with everything-but-the-kitchen-sink-itis.”

Other than the desire to copy another service’s seemingly best feature (I would argue the photo filters are not necessarily the main draw for Instagram users), this adds nothing to Twitter’s core service and functionality. It’s like the company doesn’t even understand the product anymore.

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