Twitter Buys Summify

Twitter bought Summify and shut down the service immediately until it can be integrated. Andy Baio suggests trying Percolate, which is very similar.

Summify is essentially a next-generation news delivery platform. Here’s why this acquisition by Twitter matters:

What Summify does is essentially stand in front of your firehose, collect the drops of water that are news-related, and then fill up a nice, tidy cup for you containing only (or mostly) news. You can tell Summify you want a tall, a grande, or a venti and the platform delivers the right sized cup to you at whatever interval you choose.

And oh by the way, Summify can analyze your Facebook account and your Google Reader account as well as your Twitter account if you’d like.

And oh by the way, your news summary is available via web, via RSS, via tablet, and via phone.

Basically, Summify offers users a simply solution of what the essential news stories of the day are. It should hedge against information overload, which Twitter is rapidly devolving into, and it solves the issue most people have with Twitter — that they don’t know what the service is for.

Good move by Twitter. It’ll be interesting to see how this shakes out.

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